Mindset: Positive vs. Negative

Happy Friday. Another week has passed, and I hope that you have been able to attribute some of the past ideas that I have thrown out there. If this is your first time reading this series, then welcome and I hope that you enjoy it and find a little bit of inspiration. This week we are discussing mindset, including what it is and how to make ours positive or negative. 

What mindset is and how can it change your day

Mindset is the way we think and the certain way that we believe things to be true.  Your mindset is individualized to you. No one else thinks or believes quite the way that you do. You may believe certain things to be true where others do not think the same as you. Are you a glass half full or a glass half empty type of person? 

Is it your normal instinct to think of the glass half full so to speak? This would mean that you are the type of individual that when something happens that is negative you tend to take it in stride and think that there can always be something worse. If not, then maybe you tend to be the opposite end of the spectrum, a glass half empty type of person. When things go wrong you tend to think of all the negatives associated with it and how awful things are. Mindset is what you believe to be true.  So, if you are an individual that tends to always think of the negative in a situation, I encourage you to find a positive. If you are an individual that tends to be more positive, then at times I am sure that you look at things a bit negatively and must bring yourself around to the positive side of things. 

It does not take much to think of things in a positive way. I bet you can think of something right now! Here is mine for the day: As I sit here and type this blog, I am ever so sleepy. But, on the positive side of things, it is almost 5 O’clock and time to go home to my family! Yes, I enjoy writing, but at times it is a struggle especially while feeling tired lol. Now, my negative mindset could ever so easily have taken over and I could have begun to go down the negative path of having to be at work at all and why can’t I just be rich, right. But I have that right to say NO! NO! I will not GO to the negative side of things! I am an auditory learner so, I often times talk to myself lol. That is the way that I learn best so yes, I audibly tell myself NO!  I chose to have a positive mindset and stay positive.

Growth Mindset vs, Fixed Mindset

Growth mindset is that of being optimistic, resourceful, open to change, and very determined. Individuals who have a growth mindset will find it much easier to remain positive about things. Individuals in a growth mindset tend to set goals and work to achieve those goals. Having a growth mindset enables an individual to look at negative things in a positive light.  

A fixed mindset is that of being pessimistic and not bothering to explore options or find resolutions for problems. Individuals in this mindset tend to miss timelines, doesn’t like change, and tend to give up easily.

EXAMPLE: Your car breaks down

Growth Mindset response:

  • A growth mindset might think and verbalizing things such as: well what do I do now, how can I fix it, who can I call to help me, will my insurance cover it. Now, don’t get me wrong. We might throw a fit and be upset, but tend to go into fix it mode shortly after.
  • Growth mindset would be resourceful in looking for a way to fix it or how to get by without a working car.  
  • Growth mindset would be determined to never give up.
  • Growth mindset would find what is needed to carry on without a car.  
  • Growth mindset would be a recognizing this is a great inconvenience but not the end of the world.

Fixed Mindset response:

  • Fixed mindset might think and verbalizing things such as: It is the end of the world, why do these things always happen to me, why can’t I just catch a break, nothing good ever happens to me. These thoughts tend to lead down the negative mindset avenue and there are limited side streets to get off of that path.   
  • Fixed mindset might be to call in sick to work instead of taking the bus that stops a block up the road because of the inability to focus on the needed changes.
  • Fixed mindset might be putting off getting it fixed for a period of time – procrastination and depend on a friend to take them to work (The positive thing was that they found a solution for the moment but then did not follow through to the end by getting the car fixed or finding another route to work).
  • Fixed mindset might be not investigating their insurance and how to get it fixed because of the time and effort required.
  • Fixed mindset may be just buying a new care because it is easier.

So how might we change or respond to the annoying incident of our car breaking down in a growth mindset?

It is the end of the world – No, I am still breathing and can think of a solution. 

Calling in sick to work – No, I will research bus stops and times. I will call to let them know that you might be a little late, but I will be there.

Does not call insurance – Make a phone call to the insurance or sent an email. 

So how do we find balance in our mindset:

Finding balance in your mindset is important for a healthy frame of mind. Mindset will look different to each of us. We all possess the ability to have different mindsets. We are not born to have just one mindset, we are born to learn so many different things that give us the ability to create who we are and who we want to be. I try very hard to stay in a growth mindset and find that it is much easier for me to be positive. That is who I have chosen to be, and I like how I feel when I am in this frame of mind. But do I always stay in that mindset?  Oh, heck no! I struggle at times with change, the weather, the time of year, how I slept, what I ate, anything really!  Also, something else to note is that some medical and mental conditions can present big struggles for individuals in the area of mindset so being open to seeking medical attention and working on some self-care to promote healthy mindset is very important. Self-care (Oh no here I go again LOL) is a very important part of mindset. Self-care, whatever it might look like to you, enables individuals to de-escalate themselves to a point where they can become aware of their thoughts, feelings, and emotions. When an individual is aware of these three things it then gives them the ability to assess their mindset.

So, my challenge to you this week is to look at things as a glass half full person.  Try looking at one of your challenges for the week in a positive light. The more you try to find the positive the easier it will be. I hope that you all have a blessed week and remember to BE GREAT this week.