Our Favorite Classic Kid’s Movies


Sonora at the Yerington clubhouse listed the original Cinderella movie as one of her favorites! The story of the step-sister-turned-princess is a Disney classic and is great for all ages! When Cinderella loses a glass slipper (made with a little help from her Fairy God Mother), the prince must find the beautiful girl it belongs to.

The Iron Giant (1999)

A boy, an intergalactic robot, a government conspiracy. What more could you want in a classic children’s movie! In all seriousness, the Iron Giant is a touching story about friendship and doing what you can for your friends. Tommy from the Teen Center loves this one!


A true classic, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang takes music and fantasy and mashes them for this wonderful family film. Who knew skipping school, meeting a stranger on the street and having her fall in love with your dad could be so much fun! It’s one of Jason from Dayton’s favorites, so be sure to sit down and enjoy it with the whole family if you’ve never seen it.


The HIIIIIIILLS are aliiiiiiive with Maria’s favorite pick out of Silver Springs. Sticking with Jason’s favorite classic film’s musical theme, The Sound of Music is, obviously, a musical that stars Julie Andrews. Toss in the fact that it’s based on a real family, and you’ve got a movie that has it all.


A film that has since been recolored, remastered and updated over the years to look great on all screens, Rosa from our preschool named The Wizard of Oz as one of her favorite classic kid’s movies. Dorothy gets whipped up in a twister and soon finds herself not in Kansas anymore with her dog Toto. With four new friends all seeking to become better, she takes off down the Yellow Brick Road to meet the Wiz himself.

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