Five ways to manage your family’s time

School is back, and with that comes homework, clubs, sports, dance and karate class, tutoring sessions and so, so much more. Time management is something every family has to learn in order to make sure each child gets where they need to go in time (and so that mom and dad don’t lose their sanity!). Here are five tips on how to keep the family’s schedules and time in order.

Discuss the week over Sunday dinner

Sunday is technically the first day of the week, so what better way to get the week started than by going over it with everyone? While the whole family is around the table, remind your children they have soccer practice on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 4, your spouse they have a dentist appointment Thursday at noon, and yourself that the dog’s getting groomed Tuesday morning. Not only will this get everyone on the same page with their schedules, but will also help you all remind each other as everyone knows who is doing what and when.


As we touched on in the last section, it’s not the worst idea to not only keep track of your schedule but be aware of the rest of your family’s too. By adding everyone’s online calendar to your phone or Outlook, it will only take a quick look to see what everyone has going on!

Put your kids’ schedules in their own hands

Debating on whether or not to buy your son or daughter their first cell phone? You’re not alone! While it feels like a lot of kids get phones earlier and earlier, only half of U.S. children have a phone before the sixth grade. But, when it does come time to add a line to your family plan, take advantage of your child having their own device and ask them to help keep track of their own schedule. A great way to remember ballet recital is hearing a ding from the backseat, followed by your kid yelling “Mom, I have to be at dance in 15 minutes!” It will help them start taking ownership of their activities, make them more responsible, and take a bit of the load off your shoulders.

Buy a nice, big calendar

Have younger ones or not a big fan of technology? There is nothing wrong with a giant, actual, family calendar up in the home. Somewhere the whole family goes, like the kitchen, laundry room or entry hallway, makes for a great spot. You can take charge and write everyone’s schedule on it, or ask your spouse and children (depending on their age) to help add their own items. If you’re going to take advantage of our dinner tip, it might be an even better idea to grab the calendar and use it while going over the week ahead.

Don’t forget to include the fun

Whatever method you choose to help keep track of your family’s schedule, don’t forget the fun stuff. Have a day trip to the park planned? Throw it in your phone! Planning on taking the family to the water park or a ski trip? Write it on the calendar! You don’t want the family’s schedule to feel like a chore, so make sure you include the things everyone can look forward to as well.

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