Juanita Carr-Diede smiles for a photo in front of a white background.

Juanita Carr-Diede named Hawthorne clubhouse director

Will bring years of community involvement to the position

With the promise of a bright future and bringing in lots of passion for the youth of Hawthorne, Juanita Carr-Diede has been named the new Hawthorne clubhouse director for Boys & Girls Clubs of Mason Valley.

Carr-Diede was born and raised in Hawthorne, growing up in the same community and school district as our members now. She serves as a member of the school board and board for the local little league in Mineral County. Her involvement and dedication to kids come from having her own family of six.

“I was a young mother in an extremely abusive relationship,” Carr-Diede said. “My second child was diagnosed with autism when he was five, so I changed my life for them. From that point, my focus was doing whatever was best for my kids and learning how to better their lives.”

Knowing that many children in our communities are in the same position her family was is a big motivator for Carr-Diede to make Hawthorne a better place. She notes that many parents are raising families by themselves. Often, they have to prioritize providing for their family or being available more often for them. Through all of her experiences, knowledge, and hard work, Carr-Diede knows her place in the world.

“Being a special needs mom, I’ve learned a lot about childrens’ needs and what is important for their development,” she said. “I am someone who can help, so that’s what I’ve chosen to do.”

Big goals are in mind for the Hawthorne clubhouse. Incorporating all of the community’s programs for children as much as possible will make it easier for families and children to access the resources and opportunities that are out there. But, the thing Carr-Diedi is most excited for is being able to give the kids and teens of Hawthorne a place to be where they feel safe and belong.

When she’s not making the world better for kids, Carr-Diede loves to read and crochet.

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