Avery always thought he was a shy and socially awkward kid who would have a challenging time making friends and genuine connections. When he found the courage to put himself out there and take the first step by joining the Boys and Girls Club, he had no idea what that would bring him. 

Avery is a 17-year-old who has been homeschooled his whole life. He has a special place in his heart for everything outdoors, thanks to his grandparents who taught him valuable life lessons while also educating him on the beautiful world around him. His family is especially important to him, and his sibling’s well-being is always his priority. When Avery started coming to the Club, he was quiet, and polite, but lacked the confidence to really put himself out there. Programs such as Triple Play, Smart Moves, Social Rec, Health and Wellness, and Leadership really took him to the next level. He opened up more, started talking and making friends, his effort and participation were always 110%, and he started to act like a big brother to his fellow younger Teen Center peers. Avery has come so far that he now works at the Yerington Movie House, he is a prominent member of the Keystone Club and is someone who took Junior Youth of the Year and ran with it. He spoke a lot about how he never knew how to act around kids his own age and was honestly scared to come to the Teen Center, but he grew so much here that he felt more confident in himself than ever. 

Avery has always felt the call to be a part of something bigger than himself. His dream is to serve in the military, specifically the Marines. This young man is such a significant role model for our kids here at the Boys and Girls Club. Not because he wants to serve his country, but because his philosophy about life is that there is always something to help with, always something bigger than yourself, and that we are all cogs in a machine called life that must work together to make this world a better place.

“The Club means everything to me,” Avery said. “It’s a place I can go to belong. JYOY is something that I feel honored to have been able to take part in. To me, it was a new experience to add to my treasure-trove of memories, and having done it I learned a lot about myself. I am very thankful for it.”