When Hailey first started coming to Boys & Girls Clubs of Mason Valley, she had her guard up, had a short fuse, and did not know who to trust. The staff took their time to get to know her and show her that she had people to lean on.

    As the oldest of four children and having just been adopted by her foster parents, she had a huge amount of pressure on her to protect and make sure that everyone that came into their lives had good intentions. The staff at the Club took care of her and her siblings, and slowly, Hailey let her wall come down. 

    Her peers, the staff, and the targeted programs all made her, and her siblings finally feel safe, supported, and loved. Hailey had a place where she could show off the creative art skills that she had lovingly gained from her biological parents. You can always find her at the Club singing, teaching younger members how to draw, helping in the kitchen, or helping with the program and cleanup. The staff and her peers really admire how she cares so much for those around her no matter what she has been through. 

    When Hailey first read the quote “Great Futures Start Here” she never knew just how true that would be for her. Her younger self would be astonished by how much she has grown into a confident and fearless young woman. Hailey now doesn’t have to fear when new people come into her life, and she knows she always has people on her team supporting her here at Boys & Girls Club.

     “My Club experience has given me opportunities and chances for personal development that have only made me a more patient, trusting, and caring individual,” Hailey said. “The skills I have been able to strengthen on my journey through the Club so far, have only had a positive impact on me.”