Being brand new to a town and having been homeschooled her whole life, Graysen was very nervous about joining Boys & Girls Clubs of Mason Valley. She thought she would be too awkward or too shy to make friends, but she proved herself wrong as soon as she walked through the front doors.  

    Graysen comes from a military family, which means she’s used to packing her life up and moving every so often. She felt it was sometimes hard to make genuine connections, but that never stopped her from trying. When her family chose to settle down here, they decided to sign up for Boys & Girls Club and give it a chance. Graysen immediately started showing off her creative ideas, giving the staff ideas for programs, gym games, and fun icebreakers. Although she was quite shy, she wanted to let her true self shine more.  

    “My experience at the Club can be accredited to the staff, teens, and the kids that attend,” Graysen said. “Without them, I wouldn’t be where, or who I am today.” 

    She stepped up and was chosen for Keystone Club, in which she was president for a while and a valuable member presently. She has a job as a youth development professional here at the Club, the Yerington Movie House, and the Attic Thrift Store. She is always at community service events, giving great ideas for fundraisers, and constantly showing the younger members what it means to be a good citizen, a reliable club member, and an authentic friend.  

    Graysen is extremely artistic, and the staff loves to see her show off her work and teach other members how to draw or make clay figures. She has so much talent and her artwork had been on show at the Youth of the Year banquet for everyone to see. Whatever path she chooses to take after graduating high school this year, we know that Graysen will achieve everything she puts her mind and heart into.