There are many things that set Boys & Girls Clubs up to serve youth best, like:

  • The Club is open every day after school, over school breaks and in the summer
  • The Club provides programming for only $10 annually per member (the lowest in Northern Nevada!)
  • All Club staff are professionally trained
  • The Club is open to both boys and girls from kindergarten through high school
  • We have our own dedicated spaces and clubhouses to serve youth best.


We know that the time that kids are not in school or at home with their families is critical. We aim to make sure not child is unsupervised, undirected, and potentially unsafe. Kids can get into trouble or be victimized. Plus, when these hours go to waste, there is a huge opportunity cost. It is an essential time for additional learning, personal enrichment, fun, and character development. Boys and Girls Clubs are focused on making these crucial hours life-changing for our members.


We are part of Boys & Girls Clubs of America, who provides us with a host of research-driven, evidence-based programs that we execute on a local level. Some of the world’s leading youth development experts developed the programs we run every day. This is a tremendous asset for our Club and our members.

Programs include:
Summer Brain Gain
Smart Girls
Passport to Manhood

We have a Formula for Impact

Boys & Girls Clubs know how to effect positive change in youth. Creating the right Club environment, promoting daily attendance, and delivering targeted programs produces the outcomes described above. Further, we have an annual process for measuring how well we are doing on the key inputs to the formula and identify areas for improvement.