Boys and Girls Clubs of Mason Valley

July 2020

Life is ever changing. Just when we think we are on one path we do a hard right and completely change directions. It seems this has happened often in all our lives over the past five months! Speaking of change, it brings to mind a country song by my middle daughters’ favorite singer, Thomas Rhett

Happy Friday! I love that this blog comes to you on one of the most positive days of the week.  Yup! It is proven that, in general, individuals are much happier on Fridays because we are looking forward to the weekend. Think about our attitudes in general. I know for me I am always much more

Happy Friday. Hope you all are surviving the heat of July. This week we are discussing the benefits of art and music. Music and art both have very beneficial impacts on our mental health.  We can have a surge of improvement in our attitude with uplifting music and doing art projects. However, it can at times

Happy Friday! I hope that you have encountered a week full of blessings. This week I am discussing the topic of healing after loss. Loss can be defined in multiple ways and have a different impact on each of us.   The loss of a loved one. The loss of a sporting event The loss of

Happy July and happy Independence Day! I hope that this finds you all remarkably blessed. As we prepare to celebrate the independence of our nation, I encourage you to think about what freedom truly means to you. In comparison to other countries, our freedom is much greater.  Freedom means something a little different to each of