We are open! Although our programming isn’t full back to normal, we are now open in all our communities for all families, regardless of occupation. Safety measures, including social distancing, increased cleaning, and per-room limits are in place at all of our sites.

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Boys and Girls Clubs of Mason Valley

Life is ever changing. Just when we think we are on one path we do a hard right and completely change directions. It seems this has happened often in all our lives over the past five months! Speaking of change, it brings to mind a country song by my middle daughters’ favorite singer, Thomas Rhett called “Life Changes.” 

Life is certainly changing for me as this will be my last blog for the Club. My life is changing, and I am excited for the new adventure that I will be starting. I have enjoyed my time at the Club and especially my writings within this blog. Changes happen all around us, but so many of them have no effect on us. Change happens often we go through our days and weeks without much notice, before Covid-19 at least  In the past five months we have all endured great changes and it seems that those changes have heightened our awareness. I, for one, notice the everyday things much more now.

Becoming aware of our world, our thoughts, our feelings, our family, our community, and our emotions is so important and healthy. Find the balance to continue to be aware but don’t dwell obsessively on those things that we cannot control. I challenge you all past my writing to continue the struggle of feeling your emotions, acknowledging and processing your thoughts, and incorporating self-care. Take a moment for yourself because, if you do not, you will wither.  Take a moment to smell the Roses – literally! Notice the flowers in bloom, notice the gardens beginning to grow and produce vegetation, take a green walk (take a walk and try to notice as many green things as you can while you are walking), and if nothing else just stop and take a deep breathe. JUST BREATE and be for a moment!  I will see you around in our great communities.

As always, Be GREAT this week and I hope you find a week full of blessings,

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Just because our sites are closed doesn’t mean we can’t all continue to learn, grow and have a ton of fun! We’re posting new virtual programming content every week to keep everyone engaged and busy with engaging, fun activities. Check out our categories below, and stay tuned for how to sign up for live classes soon!