Our Commitment to Safety

Your child’s safety always comes first

At Boys & Girls Clubs of Mason Valley, safety is priority No. 1. We work every day to create a safe, fun environment so kids learn and grow. We have ZERO tolerance for child sexual abuse or misconduct, and we put resources behind that stance.

Culture of SafetY

Boys & Girls Clubs of Mason Valley continually updates our policies, programs and training for staff and volunteers. These are designed to ensure child safety and protect young people.

OUR Policies

Boys & Girls Clubs of Mason Valley has comprehensive policies in place that protect youth – including, but not limited to, supervision, transportation, communication and prohibiting private one-on-one contact. 

24-hour Toll-free Hotline

We encourage all staff, members, and families to report any incident or situation they feel is unsafe. Through Praesidium, one of the nation’s leading safety experts, Boys & Girls Clubs of Mason Valley members and staff have access to a confidential 24-hour toll-free Child Safety Hotline.

866-607-SAFE (7233) or email SafeClub@Praesidiuminc.com. 

Mandatory Background Checks

Every staff and volunteer undergo a criminal background check. All potential employees and volunteers are checked through the State Repository of Nevada and have fingerprints recorded and kept on file.

Required Immediate ReportinG

Boys & Girls Clubs of Mason Valley staff and volunteers are mandated reporters. We are required to report any critical incident/safety concern to local authorities immediately. We are also required to report any critical incident to Boys & Girls Clubs of America within 24 hours.

Mandatory Annual Assessments:

We complete an assessment each year to ensure we continually make improvements to safe practices at our Clubs.


Ongoing training and supervision of staff is critical. We participate in a wide variety of child safety training. We also engage leading third-party safety experts to provide guidance for our policies and approaches, including Praesidium, the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, and the National Children’s Advocacy Center.

Safety Committee:

Boys & Girls Clubs of Mason Valley has a dedicated safety and facilities committee to provide input and guidance on local policies and strategies.

Mandatory Employee Reference:

Any employee interested in moving to another Boys & Girls Club is required to have a reference from the previous Club, even if the Clubs are within the same community.

State and Local Laws:

We comply with federal, state, and local laws, including those impacting facilities and vehicles.