Boys & Girls Clubs of Mason Valley see so many faces each day and many times those sweet faces leave such a remarkable impression on the staff that they get to honor them with the award of Member of the Year. Our Hawthorne recipient this year is Aubrey. 

 Aubrey has been a member for a couple of years now since she started coming because her dad works on the base, and they had no babysitter to provide care after school and on breaks. She also really loves coming to the Club and chooses to spend her days there doing programs, hanging out with her friends, and learning new things.

The Club has taught Aubrey many things, specifically how to not be a bully and to be a more caring and kinder friend.  She has really found her place to be 100% herself and knows that the Boys & Girls Clubs of Mason Valley is her second home, and it means everything to her. Something she would like everyone to know about her is that she is an amazing artist and the art programs that are run at the Club or even just getting the time to be creative make her feel more confident and that she can grow here. 

When we asked her what being picked as 2023’s Member of the Year felt like Aubrey stated, “It really surprised me, but it meant everything to me.” 

We are so honored to have kids like Aubrey come through our doors make our clubhouses brighter and leave more beautiful art on the walls. We couldn’t have found a better fit for Hawthorne’s 2023 Member of the Year.