A visit from an old friend


            Virginia Nish, or Grandma Virginia as 100s of Club members knew her as, stopped by for a special visit at the Club last week. Nish volunteered at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Mason Valley from 2000 to 2007.

“I loved it. It was wonderful,” Nish said.

Nish did a lot of the hands on stuff, whether it was preparing lunches, doing arts and crafts or just playing with the kids.

“Getting very involved with the kids, right with them, was my favorite part of being here,” Nish said.

Travis Crowder, chief professional officer for the Club, said volunteers like Nish are essential to the success of their organization.

“Grandma Virginia was so critical in our early days at the Club,” Crowder said. “She brought a level of love and acceptance that really carried over to all of us!” Crowder then noted that volunteers like Grandma Virginia, Joan and Denise are the reason the Boys & Girls Clubs of Mason Valley is where it is today.

In 2008, Nish was diagnosed with cancer, and therefore could no longer volunteer at the Club. She moved to California where she could be closer to her family for help with the treatments and just to be surrounded by the support. Nish has been cancer free for six years now, and comes to Yerington with her daughter every year.

“I’m just happy to be visiting. It’s nice to see everybody.”

Nish was also a foster parent when she lived in Yerington. She volunteered at the elementary school with Jennifer Chico, and has worked at the Attic Thrift store in both its old and new location.

A lot has changed since Grandma Virginia left, but one big difference sticks out to her in particular.

“The kids grew!”